Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tips for Lasting Mobile Phone Battery

As a source of power, the battery is very vital role to support the activities of cell phone. Run out of battery power at times when communication needs are very annoying, if not actually harmful. Fortunately the battery technology is now more advanced than ever. Battery technology is widely used ingredient made from Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer, which is more durable and have the ability to store electric power is greater.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review of Optimus One LG P 500

LG more serious strengthen family line Optimus. Earlier this year, LG Optimus One enliven competition Android OS-based mobile phone market. Froyo aka Android is version 2.2 which consumers embrace weapons. Little improvement in the sector and the addition of various user interface features make it feel more refreshed than its predecessor. 
LG Optimus One is still relying on the stem form factor with wide screen. But, unlike the original Optimus LG stylish look, now the successor feels more compact.In fact, at first glance the design of Optimus One feels tail shape Nexus. Rounded contours at the bottom of the body and eliminating sharp corners rectangle is characteristic.

In the grip, the weight of LG Optimus One is quite heavy. Perhaps because the portion of metal material that forms the body of this phone enough to dominate. Beyond that, the rear casing coated with Teflon-like finish that feels rough. As a result, mobile phones so it is not slippery when in hand.
One Optimus screen coating component has maintained quality as glass made from solid nan. This is natural considering this phone input method relies on a touch interface. Feels superior to display some other touch screen phone that feels very 'plastic' and soft when pressed.
Problem button, LG pinned four physical buttons on the bottom of the screen. At the end of the left and right each have the menu button and search. While in the middle there are two buttons (home and back) is surrounded by chrome trim color.
The rest, the makeup of this phone is relatively simple. You will only find the volume buttons on the right side of the body. So embedded 3.5 mm audio port in the left upper body and the power button / lock at a right angle. And the micro USB slot pengecasan and data transfer via a data cable.